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Protect your data and the environment with electronic equipment recycling. Our trained professionals responsibly recycle all types of electronic equipment in accordance with all laws and regulations.

Our Process

In today’s world of ever advancing technology computers and electronics are obsolete the day they leave the store shelves. As a result, several problems arise including personal and financial data security issues, disposition of potentially hazardous materials in natural areas and waste by improper disposal of valuable resources into landfills.

Compact Disks, Electronic Equipment Recycling in Rockwood, PA

JVS has implemented an approved Environmental Health and Safety Management System that protects our workers and the environment from harmful hazards and contaminants.

We adhere to the Responsible Recycling Standards to manage obsolete electronic equipment. Electronics received at our facility are first inspected and all digital storage devices including hard drives, floppy or compact disks and memory cards are removed and destroyed either by complete physical destruction (in accordance with NSA standards) or by use of certified data sanitizing software which complies with the United States Department of Defense (DOD 5220.22-M) standard for data sanitization.

Asset tags that identify the origin of the equipment are removed and subsequently destroyed. The equipment is then graded to determine reuse or remarketing potential. Reusable computers are repaired and remarketed and receive a new life. All non usable or obsolete equipment is de-manufactured and the raw materials generated from this process are refined as commodities and returned to the raw material market.

JVS does not use prison labor in any of its processes.

JVS does not export non-working or untested equipment overseas.

JVS protects its customer’s data.

To comply with the laws and regulations of Pennsylvania JVS obtained the WMGR081 permit in early 2007 to de-manufacture and recycle electronics.

In June of 2011 JVS obtained its R2 Certification to conform tp PA Act 108 requirements.

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